August 2018

This machine is being taken to its site. It has been designed to be installed outdoors, chiller with abilities of Maximum and Minimum operating conditions in ambient temperatures of  -15°C + 30°C  With the ability of fluid temperatures on the process circuit of temperature range of -35°C to +30°C. The machine uses cools process fluid via a plate heat exchanger / evaporator.  Cooling is achieved by refrigeration using compressors and air-cooled condensing coils.

August 8, 2018

Team Building at Go Ape

Process Cooling

We had a great time last weekend at Go Ape. We took the team at GRE and as you can see, it was all good fun.

Process cooling

Devon-based thermal engineering specialist, GRE Ltd, is celebrating the completion of a £1 million design and manufacture project for one of South Korea’s largest smart energy producers.

The export of the bespoke ultra-pure water cooling system, which has been developed for an SVC power transmission system – which manages the efficient distribution of power to millions of homes – is the latest cooling solution to be delivered by the internationally renowned engineering firm, based in Willand. The project forms part of two separate systems recently developed for the South Korean smart energy market, and comes in addition to forward orders valued at £2m.

GRE specialises in the design and manufacture of customised cooling solutions that enable businesses across the globe to precisely control temperatures in a vast array of sectors and environments. Its solutions can be found in everything from nuclear fusion technology and solar panel production to advanced technology for satellite development and advanced radiotherapy systems for oncology.

Since it began trading in 2011, GRE has attracted the attention of prestigious clients around the world including Siemens, National Grid, and GE.

Thermal Engineering

The firm’s ability to solve complex challenges, whatever the constraints of the project or the environment in which the solutions need to operate, has put GRE in great demand. As a result, its team of highly skilled engineers has grown to 22 full-time employees within the last five years. Further expansion is anticipated in line with its growing order book.

Thermal Engineering

Commenting on the completion of its latest customised cooling systems, GRE’s Managing Director, Richard Booth, said: “The ultra-pure water cooling system is a fantastic example of high quality British engineering, designed and built here in Devon. The bespoke cooling solution is a first and enables our South Korean client to operate the SVC power transmission system with guaranteed reliability.

“The shipping of the system is just the start of our work with one of South Korea’s leading smart power providers. We’re also pleased to announce that we are already working on a further commission, which is currently in manufacture, and additional projects are also under discussion.

“We have also established a productive relationship with a Korean agent, which puts us in a strong position to fulfil the requirements of the broader Korean market. We hope that this establishes a long-term presence in this part of the world.”

Booth added: “Our bespoke approach to engineering cooling solutions has seen our engineers working on a huge range of projects, largely because few businesses have the expertise or appetite to constantly innovate as we do.

“Our desire, drive and ability to solve complex problems means that we’re in constant demand. This has fuelled our growth, enabling us to expand our team with three new engineers and a new director in the last year alone. With several exciting, new projects on the horizon, we fully expect to add further to our workforce over the coming months.”

GRE Ltd is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of cutting edge, bespoke thermal engineering solutions and provides a total end-to-end service encompassing design, manufacture, custom software and controls, testing and on-site commissioning. GRE’s skilled team of engineers pushes the boundaries of thermal engineering technology to develop tools and new solutions that solve complex and challenging problems for clients.