HBM Pasteurisers

AXipasteuriser (Human Baby Milk Pasteuriser) – high throughput, environmentally friendly – caring for your baby’s world today and tomorrow


Manufactured by GRE in the UK, in conjunction with Central Medical Supplies, as part of their fantastic AXiFeed range of neonatal products, AXipasteurisers have been designed and built with a vast amount experience and knowledge. With around 30 years of design evolution by our staff, and over 100 units manufactured, we believe that our pasteurisers are not only technically superior to similar products on the market, but that they offer greater reliability, productively and operator comfort.


The pasteuriser is designed and manufactured in line with the World Milk Banking Guidelines and the NHS National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence guidelines for the establishment and operation of human milk banks, which include ease of use for non-technical staff, the ability to heat the milk to 62.5°C ± 0.5°C for 32.5 minutes then cool it to 25°C within a 10-minute period with a resultant temperature of less than 4°C / 39.2°F, in order for the pasteurisation cycle to be validated. This final stage is also undertaken in the pasteuriser, which enables the milk to be transferred direct to refrigeration without the risk of warm milk entering a clinical refrigerator and raising its internal temperature.

Operating Requirements

Electrical requirements:
400V / 50Hz / 3ph (other options available for worldwide use)

Site water / drainage requirements:

Unit will require site water supply for the pasteurisation bath and either potable (mains) water or water via a cooling loop, plus a drain connection.

Network connectivity:

The pasteuriser offers network connectivity (hard-wired) for the retrieval of cycle data.

Bottle requirements:

Designed to work with the fantastic AXiFeed bottle range from Central Medical Supplies

Size (SRC180):

1000mm (Width) X 900mm (Height) X 700mm (Depth).

If you need specialist help and can’t see anything listed above that is applicable, please call us, as we would be delighted to chat through your requirements and do what we can to help.