Aaron putting finishing touches to final project

Here is Aaron putting the finishing touches to our latest project in the clean room- check back soon for end results!

Kevin enjoyed cycling in Norway

Kevin, our service engineer, had a week away cycling in Norway. What a great way to let off some steam. Take...

Process cooling & refrigeration

3 years @ GRE for Natalie!

Natalie brought in some cake for the team, to celebrate 3 years of working with us at GRE. Congrats Natalie.

Cryogenic cooling systems

Liquid Nitrogen Valve box

GRE undertook the design, manufacture and testing of this Liquid Nitrogen Valve box, equipped specifically to suit the customer application in distributing...

process cooling and refrigeration

GRE attend ICEC27-ICMC 2018 in Oxford

The British Cryogenics Council and the University of Oxford in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council, invited GRE to...

We’re excited to welcome James to the team

James has joined the team @ GRE, as an electrical apprentice. We look forward to sharing his journey.  

Tour of Britain 2018

GRE are situated in Willand, Devon and are fortunate enough to watch the Tour of Britain pass right by us. Here...

Loading our outdoor process cooling project

This machine is being taken to its site. It has been designed to be installed outdoors, chiller with abilities of Maximum...

Process Cooling

Team Building at Go Ape

We had a great time last weekend at Go Ape. We took the team at GRE and as you can see,...