A very sophisticated heating / cooling water bath system working within extremely precise time and temperature parameters, which can be modified according to specific requirements.

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate temperature control within the range of +4°C to +80°C . The range can be
    extended as an option to -30°C to +80°C
  • All stainless steel construction for hygienic laboratory and medical environments
  • Fully flexible controls platform enabling the user to set any combination of temperature, time, bath level in cycles or perpetually
  • Custom developed touch screen user interface
  • Remote probes enable data logging of the specimen(s) and can even control the machine’s operation.
  • All operating parameters data logged and saved to USB stick
  • Lockable castors for ease of location
  • Full range of voltage options for world wide supply

One of our major customers uses the unit for the pasteurisation of human milk. The unit complies with the NHS National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence guidelines for the establishment and operation of Human Milk Banks.

In this application the requirements are:

  • System must be straightforward to use for non-technical staff
  • Milk has to be held at 62.5°C ± 0.5°C for 32.5 minutes
  • The milk temperature then has to drop to 25°C in less than 10 minutes with a resultant temperature of less than 4°C in order for the pasteurisation cycle to be validated. Many other uses in Laboratories, Research Centres and Higher Education Establishments.