Low Temperature Air Cooled Process Cooling

GRE were approached by JE Hall for Johnson Mathey to replace an end of life air cooled chiller with a bespoke system providing 317kW of cooling at -20°C.

Key Features:

  • The client stipulated that refrigerant R407f must be used. This was largely untested at the time and presented a challenge that our Design Team were able to overcome.
  • The system would be situated on the roof top in a heavy industrial environment and therefore had to be resilient to adverse conditions.
  • Set point had to be adjustable by the user to anywhere from -20°C to -5°C
  • Designed with active oil management system incorporating oil cooling
  • Two refrigeration circuits with single-screw J&E Hall compressors
  • Custom designed control platform with colour touchscreen
  • Full diagnostics which integrated seamlessly into the Client’s existing Building Management System.
  • Remote monitoring from our Devon Headquarters via mobile networks/GPRS = no need for cables/WIFI by the customer
  • Data logging of all key operating parameters every 10 seconds for the previous 5 days of operation
  • Energy efficient EC fans for optimum control of head pressure and minimal operating costs