Product Development

and Prototyping

Do you wish you had a product range on the market, but don’t have the development resource? Have your sales team hit on the “next big thing” but you cannot get it to market in time?

Product Development and Prototyping

GRE also offer subcontract product development and can handle a client’s entire project, from inception to market readiness.  We will meet with you and your team to immerse ourselves in your concept. This means we will take the time to genuinely understand your vision and requirements, which will lead to delivery of the right product at the right time. All clients and projects are treated with the same integrity and GRE is happy to work within the terms of the clients confidentiality requirements.


Product Design

GRE can design a product / range of products that meet your requirements and are congruent with your other products, indeed with your business, in terms of:
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Suppliers & components selected (you may have preferred suppliers for certain components)
  • Styling and Brand Awareness

Complete ‘Turnkey’ Process/Product

  • Definition of a design brief / specification
  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Range Design, Including:
    • Mechanical design
    • Electrical Design
    • Software
    • Mechanical / Thermal / Flow analysis using either:
      • Finite Element modelling (CFD, Stress Analysis)
      • Traditional Engineering Calculations
  • Manufacture of prototype(s), including:
    • Fabrication of framework
    • Mechanical Assembly
    • Electrical Assembly
  • Testing
  • Technical Literature
  • Assistance with marketing
  • Assistance with CE Marking
Thermal EngineersSteve Alford, our Commercial Director explains:
Having all of these skills in-house, enables us to take a client’s idea from conception, through design to an operational prototype, and finally, onto market within the tight timescales that larger companies or multiple organisations simply would not be able to achieve.”
GRE’s flexible approach to client requirements, coupled with outstanding customer relations and interactions, ensure that our projects stay focussed, from beginning to end. We have undertaken many of these projects over the company’s life, some examples of which are highlighted below:

Case Studies

Innovative residential heat pump

Based around a client’s idea for a new type of air source heat pump, GRE were able to take their innovative concept and turn in into a production-ready reality.
Our in-house team engineered and developed the project’s hardware requirements and component selection, then manufactured and analysed a number of prototypes, until a fully functioning piece of equipment was produced that met with the clients’ specification.  The project evolved further still and culminated in a range of different capacity machines, in a manufacture-ready state.

Medical grade, multi-position water-cooling system

Working with a highly constrained brief, in both specification and size requirements, for a high-performance water-cooling system that could operate in any orientation. GRE developed and designed two parallel prototypes for the client to operate and analyse.  Again, all aspects of design and prototype manufacture were undertaken at our factory, including engineering calculations, component and material selection and design refinement, which included an innovative method for reducing the power requirements of the equipment.