Vacuum Services

GRE are able to offer our clients an extensive range of vacuum services, ranging from design of vacuum pipework, chambers, vessels and systems through to fabrication/manufacture, cold testing (thermal cycling), leak and pressure testing, cleaning and packaging. We are conversant with the quality and reporting standards of the UKAEA, the European Space Agency and all work is completed, without fuss, to an extremely high quality.

With such a diverse portfolio, please feel free to contact us direct to discuss your requirements. Below are some examples of the type of services GRE are able to offer:

Complete or partial vacuum system design and fabrication

    • Design and build to customer requirements including commissioning and delivery, recommissioning on site. Applications include but not limited to scientific research test benches, component outgassing chambers, and component assessment chambers for a variety of industries including Particle accelerators, Nuclear Fusion, Aerospace, Academic research and development, Semiconductor manufacturing
    • Design and manufacture of systems capable of rough vacuum / high vacuum / ultra-high vacuum
    • Vessel mechanical design: chamber, feet, door, loading systems, in-vessel supports furniture, other mechanical interfaces, port design/allocation. Supply of 3DCAD models and drawings
    • Developing pumping systems based on customer and process requirements with considerations to rough pumping to HV/UHV (High Vacuum/Ultra High Vacuum) optimised for the system. Pumping using turbo molecular pumps or a variety of entrapment pumping solutions: Cryogenic, Sputter Ion Pump, Sublimation, Non Evaporable Getter pumping
    • Instrumentation (pressure gauges, Residual Gas Analysers, crystal quartz microbalance)
    • Vent gas systems and process gas systems with pump purge capability for attainable gas purity requirements
    • In vessel heating/cooling system design and build via bespoke thermal shroud design
    • Bespoke LN2 cold traps or refrigerant cold trapping system design, build and qualification

Cold testing / thermal cycling

    • Thermal cycling (using liquid nitrogen) via immersion or internal flow path saturation

Leak detection services

    • Appraise leak tightness of vacuum systems, locate vacuum leaks and advise resolutions, implementation of corrective actions and qualification, certification

Component HV/UHV cleaning

    • Degreasing, DI water rinse and nitrogen drying of components, hermetically sealed bagging of components for delivery
    • Vacuum baked outgassing of components for fixed time and/or through quantification of component outgassing loads via TQCM measurement

Outgassing / Vacuum Bakeout

    • Monitored outgassing services with controllable heat load and cold trap facilities. TQCM available for reporting purposes

Chamber cleanliness verification

    • On site assessment of vacuum system cleanliness through quantitative and/or qualitative assessment

Vacuum system troubleshooting

    • Investigating any vacuum system related faults or anomalies
If you need specialist help and can’t see anything listed above that is applicable, please call us, as we would be delighted to chat through your requirements and do what we can to help.