Cryogenic Temperature Management and Transfer Solutions at GRE

GRE designs, manufactures and distributes many types of cryogenics systems and components. Please click on the sections below for further details.


Cooling Systems


GRE can design and manufacture bespoke cooling systems to client requirements. Our experience includes liquid / gaseous Helium and Nitrogen cryostats, Multi-channel G/LN2 cooling and distribution systems, cryogenic valve boxes and thermal shroud systems for vacuum chamber temperature control. Click the image for further details.

SIVL (Super-Insulated Vacuum cryogenic transfer lines) and sub-systems

Our extensive range of super insulated vacuum transfer lines are available in modular lengths for client fitment or as bespoke, fully fitted systems that can incorporate many separate flow paths (10 in 1 line pictured). We are also able to provide full pipeline stress and heat loss validation/calculations, along with 2 and 3D computer modelling. GRE’s transfer lines use an innovative ‘multi-sorb’ approach and vacuum tightness can be guaranteed for up to 10 years. Click Image for further details.

Cryocoolers, Liquefires &



GRE are a distributor for Pride cryogenic products and can offer their superb range of specialist equipment. Click image for further details.


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